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Our 1st Ram Sale ~ 2020

Glendhu Genetics would like to welcome you to our 1st on-farm ram sale. For the past 25 years, we have sold a selection of Rams in the Otago Coopworth Ram fair and last year with just our two studs remaining we have decided to sell the rams at home. As a result, we have doubled the Coopworth rams to 55 to allow a greater selection. We will also have a selection available for private sale if that's your preferred method. Also, we are offering our Dorset Down rams for sale, after the Coopworths. Historically, we have sold Dorset Downs at the national stud sale but all our Dorset Rams will be offered in this sale with none being sold elsewhere.

We will also be running the sale in conjunction with Bidr. The sale will be live streamed so people who cannot travel will have the ability to watch and bid on the auction from their home.

View the catalogue here.


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