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Our Story


Hi - We are Fraser Fletcher and Susie Burrows, together we own Glendhu Genentics which consists of three farms located at Conical Hill, Lawrence and Heriot, in Otago, New Zealand. We live with our three children, Lachie, Innes and Abby, with our family dog, Zac on the Heriot property. Fraser's father, George Fletcher, owns Ashaig Farm which is also based in Heriot, West Otago, and often our sales are combined. Farming runs deep in the veins of our family, we've been honing genetics for generations to achieve the standards that we are proud to have today.


Our commercial farming operation is maintained with the assistance of our herd managers, all working together to produce quality ram studs of pure Coopworths, Dorset Downs and Romneys, as well as two Shorthorn cattle stud, plus a dairy and meat operation.


With our genetics, we personally strive for the same commercial gains as those farms we sell to. Our focus is on high performance, cost-effective stock with good growth, plenty of muscle and fat, and survivability. The sheep and cattle we produce are hardy, and able to weather the tough conditions common to the mountainous terrain of the south as well as meeting the demands of the meat companies and markets. All of our stock is fully recorded with our sheep on SIL records and cattle on ABRI.  

The breeding emphasis for our bulls is on producing structually sound animals that are soft, easy going with good termpreament. EBVs play an important role in our selection. 

Our Farms

800ha Sheep/Beef

160ha Dairy

Rolling to steep


5500 Ewes

1200 Ewe Hogget

250 Ram Hogget

100 Dairy Heifers R2

100 Dairy Heifers R1

70 Stud Cows

250 Fattening Cattle

450 Milking Cows

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