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3rd Ram Sale ~ 28 November 2022

A big thanks from our family who made our Ram sale on 28th November 2022 a huge success. We sold 109 out of 112 rams through the ring with the remaining 3 sold after the sale, as well as some strong paddock sales after the sale. 7 rams were sold as studs. Average was $1,590 across the 112 rams.

A big thanks to our clients, new and old, who support us and follow where our breeding programme is heading.

It’s rewarding and humbling to hear of your success and the continued support of us is amazing so a big thanks.

There’s so many people to thank.

To Callum and the PGG team, Ben as auctioneer, the supporting agents of Shaun and Callum from Hazletts and Rural Livestock thanks for your support.

To Jayden and Alliance for kindly supplying the meat and cooking the BBQ.

To the team of guys who help on the day we couldn’t do it without you so a big thanks to Grant, Andy, Tussock, Corey, Clarke, Johny, Nathan and Kris

Also, a big thanks to Hollie who worked for us and who played a huge part in this crop of Rams.

Cheers Fraser

To view the catalogue, please download the PDF below.

Download PDF • 1.15MB


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