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6th Bull Sale ~ 21st May 2024

Susie and I welcome you to our sixth on farm Bull sale. We started Glendhu Shorthorns in

1995 and today the herd is made up of 85 Stud cows. This makes us the largest registered

Shorthorn Stud in the South Island.

The 2022 crop of calves were all born 45km away on our Lawrence block which is made up

of hard, steep terrain. Here the cows were run under very commercial conditions, there is

no supplementary feeding and the cows are made to work to manage undeveloped pasture.

Over the past 10 years we have not calved or touched a cow at calving. The cows calve on

the hills and have to fend for themselves. In 2022 we obtained a 100% calving which shows

us the hardiness we are breeding into our cows.

At weaning all the calves are brought back to Heriot. The heifer calves are mated at 15

mths for 2 cycles with all empty heifers culled. The Bulls are wintered on winter crop for

approximately 150 days and fed supplement. In 2022 we had 39 Bull calves born. The Bulls

have been all run in one mob from weaning, were wintered in one mob and were culled in

January 2024 to 21. From here we have used EBV and the type of Bull we like to select 15

sale Bulls. I believe this selection pressure brings the ‘cream to the top’ as such and the

bulls we offer will handle the toughest commercial conditions.

Our breeding emphasis is on producing structurally sound bulls that are soft, easy doing

with good temperament. EBV play an important role in our selection as we aim to have

moderate birth sires with good growth, plenty of muscle and fat, while maintaining the

strong maternal attributes of the Shorthorn breed.

Our 2024 sale bulls are sired by two new sires, Hinewaka Anzaz 81/19 and Hinewaka

Rembrandt 70/19, both purchased from the Hinewaka Stud in the Wairarapa at their 2021

Bull sale.

Anzac was used as our herd sire over our cows. Sired by an Australian bull Yamburgan Anzac L278, he was a bull we liked for his power with outstanding data to support him. We felt this bull would click over our cows and were 100% correct. His data we believe is as good

as you can get: Top 1% (200, 400, 600 Day), top 5% (EMA and SS), Top 25% (Milk and FATS). Whats also pleasing he has left some really high IMF progeny and I would expect his data to lift. Although he has great growth what we are impressed by is the moderate heavy muscled bulls he has bred. What we have seen is the cattle are heavy not big, they weigh like lead!

Rembrandt, also by an Australian bull, Royalla Rembrandt, was used over the first calvers

and heifers. A fantastic moderate framed bull he is now in the top 15% for calving Ease

and Birthweight. His calves were a great shape at calving and I recommend his progeny for

heifer matings.

We are extremely pleased with our line up of bulls. You know the line ups good when its hard

to decide not what to put in the sale rather that what goes in!

I hope you can come along and view our bulls and see where our breeding programme

is heading.

Our herd is C10 and sale tested clear, all Bulls have been BVD tested negative and have

been vaccinated.


Fraser, Susie, Lachie, Innes and Abby

Susie - 027 365 0954

Fraser - 0274 978 104



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