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Launching Our New Website

In 2022, we'd had livestreamed our bull and ram sales successfully on Bidr - Livestock Auctions for the last two years and realised that there is a strong demand within the farming sector to have a strong online presence. As a result of Covid presenting not only difficult, unreliable travel services but also an increased health risk to those who do travel, many people have not been able to travel or have been reluctant to. At Glendhu Genetics, we sell rams our rams and bulls nationwide and so if our buyers can't come to us, we need to be able to bring our studs to them through online portals. With that decision, we have developed a website to show case our bulls and rams with links to all their registered data, along with photos and videos for you to look at and judge for yourselves. Our fledgling website will continue to grow and deliver you more with upcoming sales, which has us super excited about the future. Until now, we had refrained from social media, however, with this website we are also launching a Facebook page and an Instagram account. You can follow them both here:

You'll find us adding casual updates throughout the year on our social media channels with catalogues and upcoming sales information through our website so it's worth bookmarking our website to stay up-to-date and giving those social media accounts a follow. If you have any questions about our future offerings, please register your interest by giving us a call or sending us an email, our contact details are below in the footer of our website. We look forward to interacting with you on the net and keeping you apprised of all our farm developments! If you love our website, we worked with local Tapanui web designer, photographer and videographer, Natwick on this project.

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